Saab News: Saab is negotiating in China, Antonov is also negotiating.

Vladimir Antonov and Victor Muller are working hard to ensure the Saab Liqidität. Antonov spokesman Carlström reports that his boss is currently trying to secure new, short-term loans for Saab.

Victor Muller and Jan Ake Jonsson speak to Great Wall Motors, Youngman Automobile Group and Jiangsu Yueda Group in China.

In addition to the sale of technology licenses of the Phoenix platform, the Saab Cabriolet technology will be sold to China. A Chinese manufacturer could then produce a derivative based on the current Cabriolet in the People's Republic.

This business is expected to cost 1.5 - 2.0 billion Swedish kronor. An amount that would ensure medium-term funding. Saab would be saved from the worst problems.

Swedish friends are expecting good news from China soon. We'll keep our fingers crossed for Saab. Very firm.

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