Saab News: Saab Signs Partnership with Hawtai Motor Group

Hatwai Motor Group
Hawtai Motor Group

Saab has signed a strategic partnership with the Hawtai Motor Group. It is still unclear what Saab has agreed with all this, a press conference will take place on this topic tomorrow in Beijing.

The Hawtai Motor Group claims to be number 1 in Asia in the area of ​​“Clean Power Diesel” and has two plants in Rongchen and Shandong with an annual capacity of 200.000 cars, 300.000 engines and 300.000 automatic transmissions.

Diesel engines are built from 1.5 liter to 3.0 liter cubic capacity, automatic transmission with 6 speed levels. The manufacturer has a development center in Beijing. The Hawtai Motor Group was founded in 2000. Initially, Hyundai products such as the Santa Fe were built under license, but since 2010 they have also built their own.

Exciting times and interesting developments. We are waiting for tomorrow's press conference

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    Dear Saab friends,

    It is difficult to predict whether SAAB à la longe will be able to educate a normal business result as it did in good times.

    Let's all keep our fingers crossed and hope very much for a bonne chance with the new China option ...

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    Many thanks for the very informative news about SAAB.

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      Upps .. Thanks Wulf 🙂


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