Swedish press: Saab gets billions from Hawtai

Update: 8: 59

The Swedish press is full of expectations this morning about Hawtai Motor Group's collaboration with Saab. Expect billions (in Swedish kroner), which would secure the future of the car manufacturer in the long term.

In return, technology is to be transferred to China so that Hawtai can build “premium cars”. Saab models for China are to roll off the assembly line at the Hawtai plant in Inner Mongolia.

A press conference with Victor Muller and the representatives of Hawtai will take place this morning in Beijing. The day will be exciting.

As Swedish news agencies have just reported, Saab has signed a contract for cooperation with Hawtai. Saab will receive 150 million from Hawtai through this collaboration. According to Muller, this ensures medium-term financing.

text: admin / saabblog.net