Saab News Beijing: Victor Muller speaks, Hawtai Saab only for China

Hawtai Motor Group
Hawtai Motor Group

Saab CEO Victor Muller has contacted from Beijing. In a conference call, he told Dagens Nyheter more details about the partnership with the Hawtai Motor Group.

So it is planned to build the Saab 9-3 successor, which will be released at the end of 2012, as of 2013 also in China. But, Muller continues, Chinese Saab remain in China and are destined only for the local market. He himself believes in more workplaces in Trollhättan when Saab are exported from Sweden to the People's Republic. Because only in the next step, the construction in China, for the current product range, only the construction in Trollhättan is provided.

Muller expects to start production next week, until then the Gemini funds should be on the Saab accounts. He expects the first transfers from the People's Republic in 10 days, the complete Hatwai funds should be within 6-12 weeks in the accounts of the Swedish car maker.

Muller expects no problems with the EIB, which has to approve the deal with Hawtai. The Saab board did not want to comment on current sales forecasts. How far the Saab crisis has damaged consumer confidence is also difficult for him to assess. Muller negotiated with a dozen manufacturers in China; the contract for Hawtai came due to the partnership between the Chinese and VM Motori and the new diesel engine plant in China.

For at least a year, Victor Muller looks to secure the Saab funding with the new loans and the Hawtai funds. Good news from Beijing and finally the end of the crisis weeks.

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