Saab News Trollhättan: Relief in the Saab city

Trollhättan is dependent on Saab. Because Saab is the largest local employer, small suppliers and the whole structure of the region depends on the carmaker. If Saab closed, that would be a catastrophe for the whole region. Now, in the morning, after, relief in the city becomes noticeable.

Saab employees are currently preparing to start production in the factory at Stallbacka. Local reporters report that the relief over the development of the last 24 hours is hanging in the air and can be seen by the employees.

Anette Hellgren, chairman of the union union at Saab Automobile, is very relieved about the good news and now feels a bit more carefree. She greatly welcomes Hawtai's entry, as China is a huge and important market. An important step for Saab.

Paul Akkerlund, former IF Metall chairman at Saab, sees the city and region as winners of the Swedish - Chinese partnership. He is now hoping for government activities in favor of Saab, because Antonov's entry is still open and Hawtai's entry also needs the approval of the authorities.

Important steps have been taken, we are happy for the likeable city of Trollhättan and the Saab employees, now we are waiting for the start of production.

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