Bloggers opinion: Chance and respite for Saab, a lot of work for Muller

Victor Muller, Saab rescuer
Victor Muller

The finale was ripe for a script and not to be outdone in drama. In the proverbial last minute, Victor Muller has once again made it and saved Saab from the end.

For Saab, financing through Gemini and the additional cash raised by the EIB and Hawtai Motor Group are only a first step in the right direction.

An enormous workload awaits Victor Muller when he returns from China. He brings a new partnership, access to the largest car market in the world, and some liquidity. It is important for Saab to start production quickly, because every day of downtime costs money. First, however, Muller has to talk to the suppliers and create new trust.

Because, even if our Saab glasses are still so pink, the communication of Muller and the Saab management with development partners and suppliers was a single disaster. There is a lot to repair for the Saab rescuer, and as a special challenge, he has to bring back development partners back into the joint boat.

Suppose the EIB and the Swedish government give the green light to Hawtai (which is likely) and Antonov (which is questionable), the Gemini funds come as promised and the additional EIB money is approved, then Saab has approx 210 million euros in liquidity ensured. A lot of money, but if we take the loss of the first quarter, then this liquidity will not last until the start of production of the 9-3 successor.

That is the big challenge for Victor Muller. He must use the next few months to secure long-term liquidity planning. A big task, but if someone can do it, it will be the “slightly crazy, never resting” Victor Muller who has made impossible things possible again and again.

At home in Trollhättan homework has to be done. Reasonable structures should finally be created, early warning systems that will rule out such situations as we have experienced them in the future. Saab customers around the world have demonstrated impressive loyalty during the crisis and ordered new cars from 5000, but while remaining loyal to the brand of employees, customers and suppliers, at some point, any capacity for suffering will be exhausted.

And, we almost forgot, there is still a vacancy in Trollhättan. The succession of Saab CEO Jan Ake Jonsson is to be regulated. A manager has to be found who is experienced in the automotive business, who understands Saab and lives Saab. A task that is particularly delicate and important now that the crisis has been overcome.

In the future we would like to report again about fascinating automobiles from Trollhättan and not about crises. Saab and the large Saab community deserve better times.

The abandon list is long, the challenge huge. Griffin up, Victor Muller!

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  • I can only fully agree with the opinion of the blogger here. In my opinion, SAAB's success is also determined by whether SAAB succeeds in improving the quality of the current and future models in such a way that it again meets its own quality standards that SAAB had before the GM era for its products. You can also find new customers via this track. Quality is talking around.
    The distribution routes should also be reconsidered. Out of the multi-brand temples to the qualified SAAB dealer with attached workshop.

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