Saab News Stockholm: Saab rescue, bureaucracy, hurdles

Swedish debt management
Swedish debt management

Victor Muller has set the course in a fantastic campaign to secure the medium-term financing of Saab and the further development of new products. Everything that has been initiated is on the way - but not yet in the safe harbor.

The Swedish and European bureaucracies have their say and nod, without the green light from Stockholm and Luxembourg. Let's start with the Gemini Investment convertible bond. Gemini will probably convert this bond into Spyker shares after 6 months and then will in any case own more than 10% of Spyker Saab. Anything above the magical 10% share has to be approved by the national debt administration, the Swedish government, the EIB and GM. The entry of the Hawtai Motor Group is 29,9% plus a convertible bond - here, too, it has to be approved. Antonov's entry - the same applies here.

Without Gemini convertible bond, no additional money will flow from Luxembourg. Everything depends on the bureaucracy. Spicy: Daniel Barr of the National Debt Administration, which has to write a statement for the Swedish government, has not received any application for Hawtai Motor Group or Gemini Investments. Pärr Issakson of the EIB has also received no requests for change of ownership.

There is a lot to do in Trollhättan now. Suppliers must be brought on board and applications to Stockholm and Luxembourg must be initiated.

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