Saab News Trollhättan: Saab Engineers to Volvo?

Saab or Volvo - where do the employees go?
Saab or Volvo - where do the employees go?

Anyone who writes for a Saab blog has Saab glasses on. Inevitably. Nevertheless, one should not forget to look at the sometimes harsh reality, even if it does not please. Dagens Industri from Gothenburg has never been particularly Saab-friendly, you should keep that in mind when reading this text, the source of which is Dagens Industri.

Today's edition reports that Saab automotive engineers and development engineers are bidding at the other Swedish automaker in Gothenburg. An impact of the crisis of the past few weeks and quite understandable. Volvo in Gothenburg is desperately looking for 900 engineers and 500 more staff especially for product development. According to DI, there is great interest from Saab employees.

Volvo manager Erica Wikmann has indications that relatively many applicants come from Saab. Saab is in the area, and so it is in no way surprising that the applicants come to us, so Mrs. Wikmann.

Volvo is also in search of Eastern and Southern European countries, because especially telematics and IT engineers are hard to come by, as they are also sought after in other industries.

The report by Dagens Industri is subject to change, because in the past people have often given a “cross shot” towards Saab.

An emigration of the best minds to Gothenburg? Hopefully not, because Saab needs every good employee.

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