Saab News: Trollhättan: Suppliers believe in Saab, but ...

Saab plant Trollhättan
Saab plant Trollhättan

It's unbelievable, 5000 Saab customers around the world have expressed their trust in the manufacturer and ordered a new Saab during the crisis weeks. With which manufacturer would there be something else? This is the "Saab Spirit" that is still awake. Saab's suppliers, especially Svenåke Berglie, head of the supplier association, also believe in Saab and the concept, albeit with a very big "but ..."

It was not the belief in the manufacturer as such but the trust in the administration that suffered during the crisis. Svenåke Berglie is therefore thinking out loud about tightened payment conditions and believes that in the beginning, deliveries should be paid for immediately at “the ramp”. That is the problem that has been announced, which urgently requires the establishment of a functioning financial administration. We have already written about it, For the future, the boss of the suppliers is calling for more transparency and openness. So far, Saab has always hidden behind the Dutch stock exchange rules, which is not well received by the suppliers.

Svenåke Berglie sees that there is no 100% security business, but suppliers want more transparency about asset allocation, cash flow and sales. If this openness is prevented by the Dutch stock market rules, some suppliers will withdraw completely, says Berglie.

As I said, Berglie expressly emphasizes his belief in Saab. It's good. His reservations, however, are equally understandable.

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