Saab News Trollhattan: Hawtai Motor Group in Trollhättan

Hawtai Motor Group
Hawtai Motor Group

Update: 15: 48

The delegation from the People's Republic of China has arrived in Trollhättan. The staff and managers of Hawtai, headed by Vice President Richard Zang, will spend three days inspecting the plant in Sweden. Victor Muller and Jan Ake Jonsson are not there. Muller is staying in his house in Majorca and Jonsson is on vacation.

On the criticism of Hawtai this morning like wildfire went through the media Saab does not want to comment. Spokesman Erich Geer considers the Chinese a very good partner.

Prime Minister Frederik Reinfeldt, previously invisible regarding Saab, is suddenly worried about Saab. He suspects that it may take some time before the Chinese actors give the green light. "Maybe we have to wait a little longer than we thought," said Reinfeldt during his visit to Gothenburg.

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