Saab Week: The Life of Steven Wade, Dramatic Years for Saab.

The first series Saab 9-4X
The first series Saab 9-4X

What impressed us most this week? It was the 5000 Saab customers who ordered a new Saab in April despite the crisis. What else was there? The Saab 9-4x is about to launch in the US and with the future of Saab it looks a little better than a week ago.

Saab 9-4x: The last GM Saab.

When is a Saab a Saab. What are the real design features that make a Saab? The British car magazine Car & Driver looked at the 9-4x and the car had interesting questions about real Saab design through its head. As always with Car & Driver, an article worth reading.

Steven Wade, the Saab blogger.

The Australian magazine “Car Advice” wrote an article about Steven Wade, alias Swade. For the Australians, a Saab fan is a rare species, normally “Car Advice” means that you are an Australian Holden or Ford fan. Read about that Life of Steven Wade.

Saab Timeline.

"The Telegraph" has put together how exciting and full of dramatic twists and turns the history of our favorite Swedish brand over the past two years. A sequence of dramatic last years.

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