(Saab) News: News from Vladimir Antonov

Vladimir Antonov
Vladimir Antonov

Vladimir Antonov has become quiet. We are waiting for news from the EIB - and nothing happens. The investor Antonov also thought that today.

What do Russian billionaires get out of boredom if they are not buying a car manufacturer for a pastime? Right, they buy toys for men. A yacht, a plane, a sports car, everything he already has, these red cars from Italy are also quite boring in the long run and the Dutch sports cars do not make long happy.

The World Rally Championship, yes, he's already a part of it and was not there anything else with Spartak Moscow? Only the right football club in the west is missing. Therefore, Antonov now wants to buy the English club Portsmouth and lead the club back into the Premier League.

OK, we treat it to him. Each his toy.

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