Saab News Trollhättan: Saab has received money from Gemini.

blankGood news for the Swedes. And good news for the Saab fans around the world. Saab today received 30 million from the Gemini Investment Fund.

The money comes in the form of a convertible bond with 6 months maturity and a return of 7%. Finally, let's say, because now the date for the start of car production is within reach.

The pressure on Saab is thus somewhat mitigated and the long wait for a decision by the EIB and the Swedish government is not that bad. The liquidity is secured for the time being. But the most important thing is that Saab can finally start making money, working up production backlogs and delivering the cars they want. It will probably take 7-14 days before cars roll off the line again in Trollhättan.

A good day for Saab, Trollhättan, the staff and the fans. Griffin Up!

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