Saab News: Used Saab are stable in value

blankWho buys a Saab proves not only a good taste and a certain understatement beyond the mainstream, he also makes a good deal. The industrial analyst CAP has investigated the residual value development for used Saab in the UK using the 9-3 series.

The best-selling model in England is the Saab 9-3 1,9 TID. Residual performance has improved by more than 10 British Pounds in the last 1000 months. Jeff Knight, head of CAP, sees rising predictions for Saab as increasing confidence in companies and products continuously since gaining independence. The forecast values ​​are needed to determine residual values ​​and leasing rates, and these values ​​are enormously important for the manufacturers, because for business vehicles alone, a favorable leasing rate is important.

Increasing used car prices for Saab can also be observed in Germany. Facelift Saab 9-3 the second series are more stable than its predecessor. For Saab 9-5 of the first series prices are rising continuously, which is also due to the scarce supply. Especially 9-5 station wagon, less 9-5 sedans, with low mileage, good equipment and the right color combination are in demand. Whereas Saab 9-5 used to be sold cheaply in the past, there has been a trend reversal due to the faltering supply. The days of cheap Saab are over and will not come back so soon.

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