Saab News: Saab 9-3, Hawtai, BAIC, downsizing

Saab factory Trollhättan - job cuts?
Saab factory Trollhättan - job cuts?

The most important events of today to our Swedish carmaker. Dagens Industri reported this morning on a potential reduction in staff in Trollhättan. Allegedly, the administration of Saab faces the fact that only 50% of the workforce is needed for the currently driven quantities. Actually, so the source of DI would have to do the cut, one would do it but would endanger the further development of Saab. Saab has given no clear answer to Dagens Industri on this issue, the company has the priorities to return to a stable future with Hawtai, Gemini and Antonov Geldern.

Dagens Industri used to fire a headline against Saab in the past. Let's see if there is only a flash in the pan.

The Hawtai Deal is - to put it mildly - not on the safe shore yet. We also have a separate post for today on our blog. BAIC, the buyer of older Saab technology, now wants Hawtai to dispute the right to produce the Saab 2013-9 successor in China from 3. The company holds rights to the old Saab 9-5 and 50% (?) To the current model. BAIC is of the opinion that the successor is based on this technology and that BAIC should therefore produce this vehicle. If so, BAIC expects Saab to pay compensation.

Saab CEO Victor Muller is opposed to this because Saab has developed the new Phoenix platform for the 9-3 successor and will not use any old GM technologies. According to Muller, production in China is expected to start in December with 2012.

A BAIC-affiliated source has now confirmed for the first time that BAIC CEO Wang Dazong was planning a full Saab acquisition during the April negotiations. This is new, so far, these rumors have been denied. Victor Muller also confirmed the presentation of the Chinese. The complete takeover failed on the one hand at the veto of Vladimir Antonov, who wants to be a shareholder in Saab. On the other hand, this process would have taken a lot of time. Saab wanted a quick fix. That was the decision for Hawtai.

BAIC is visibly upset that the choice fell on the competitor Hawtai. Now you give Saab a return coach in which you claimed license rights.

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