Saab (Crisis) News: Swedish voices and moods

There are days that are frustrating and do not give rise to blogging. Today was such a day. What was to say in Sweden on the subject of Saab everything. Let's start with the positive votes. Despite all the mess in the Saab, the analyst Matts Carlsson, specializing in automotive / traffic engineering, from Gothenburg sees a good future for Saab. We have been waiting for this man, he deserves praise today.

Matts Carlsson sees other partners from China for Saab, more interesting, better ones. Car manufacturers from China will need decades to develop cars in the premium segment, he quotes a conversation with the president of the automaker Chery. This know-how is in demand, Saab has two new, fully developed products in the pipeline, which are to get together with Saab at a ridiculous price, says Carlsson.

Negative, as always, is in relation to Saab. Today, just in time for the crisis day, a survey was started among DI readers about trusting Victor Muller. The answer was, of course, devastating for Muller. We give ourselves the result to publish. Victor Muller is in the Middle Kingdom to resume negotiations with the Chinese interlocutors. Not an easy thing, but we wish Muller all the best.

In Trollhättan today a deputy of the Swedish Reichstag was visiting Saab. In addition to a few sentences that politicians say, he has hinted that things are going to move now. That sounds good and would take a lot of uncertainty.

The mood in Saab city is understandably battered, the local newspaper has also started a poll on whether Saab will survive. Just over 50% think what Trollhättan is a very bad result. In earlier surveys, the optimist faction liked 70%.

Our personal Saab support program enters the finals. Used 2.- Saab bought and our Saab 9-5 gets its deer parts installed next week. Photos of course next week on the blog.

Saab lost a partner from China today, but that's not the end. Maybe a better partner will come, Keep on Saabing!

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