Saab News: Vladimir Anotonov continues to be interested in Saab

Vladimir Antonov
Vladimir Antonov

Lars Carlström, the Swedish spokesman for Vladimir Antonov, speaks up again through the press. Vladimir Antonov, the investor and billionaire, is still ready to join Saab. “His interest in Saab is still unbroken and he wants to get into the automaker as soon as possible,” said Carlström this morning.

He calls the failure of the Hawtai negotiations unpleasant, but you always have to expect something like that. "There are other partners and opportunities in China, the opportunities for Saab are huge there." says Carlström.

Antonov has in the past repeatedly tried to pump liquidity into the automaker. Antonov's efforts to join Saab, or to provide funding, have been shelved by the European bureaucracy in Luxembourg for weeks, further aggravating the situation in Trollhättan.

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