Saab situation: Quo vadis Saab?

Saab plant Trollhättan
Saab plant Trollhättan

The news is bad for Saab. What remains after the retreat from Hawtai is helplessness. Even permanent optimists today find it difficult to read something positive out of the situation. Regardless of whether Hawtai was the right partner or not, the day is a disaster for Saab.

The announced production date for next week is obsolete. Christer Palmer, head of the Fordons component groups, formulated his opinion towards the DI today. "We are reaching a limit where everything threatens to go down the stream," he said. There is little to add.

What would be helpful now is a quick EIB decision. Investor Antonov is ready with much needed funds. Drums for weeks on the Saab door, but gets no access. The behavior of the EIB is incomprehensible and irresponsible in this situation. But the bets are bad on the possibility that the EIB moves.

Because Victor Muller's options, which are now under enormous pressure, are limited. Great Wall, the optimal partner for Saab, with 800.000 cars produced a heavyweight has already been upset. BAIC wanted to swallow Saab completely - but if the duo Muller - Antonov would end, the two did not agree.

The end of the Trollhättan site would not find a quick way out of the situation. Saab cannot pay employees permanently without income. The logical consequence would be the dismissal of highly qualified and always loyal workers. The car maker’s bargaining position is getting weaker every day. Because the Chinese are interested in Saab, no question. Saab is the last “good label” on the market to buy. What is ignored: The plant in the Stallbacka is of very limited interest, the Chinese factories are larger, more modern, the labor force cheaper, the supply of fresh engineers larger than in the small Sweden.

What we need is an intervention of the Swedish government. The Saab brand is too valuable to go to China as a pure label, jobs and development capacity should not be sacrificed recklessly now, in a boom phase. It is time for the economic liberal government in Stockholm to show courage, think and act long term and secure the location. Jobs in car production, once they are lost, do not come back. At least not in the Swedish province.

The Americans were ready to take GM under state custody. It was a good deal for the American administration. So why does not the Swedish government throw aside its dogmas, act and end the drama in Trollhättan? Secures jobs and know-how and after some time sells the shares to new shareholders at a profit

Because a Saab is not just a car. A Saab is a piece of Scandinavian engineering and Scandinavian design. Every Saab is also an ambassador of Sweden.

Action is announced. Now. Not at some point.

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5 thoughts on "Saab situation: Quo vadis Saab?"

  • I ordered an 9-5 on the 8 / 4

    promised delivery time 10 weeks

    I will not wait much longer

    if it does not run until then, it is out anyway

  • I ordered an 9-4x in March. I do not know if Mexico (where the 9-4x is produced) is also affected by the production stop. My dealer has no information about it. Let's see if he is really delivered in September.

    Greetings from Switzerland

    • The 9-4x is produced according to our information and at least the US delivery seems safe. How it looks in September - let's hope for the best. Definitely ordered a great car!

  • I ordered my Griffin on April 6th when there was still talk of a "slight morning cold".
    Now there is probably a “terminal pneumonia”.
    Regrets my Saab dealer. He gets no reliable information from the company. His knowledge he relates only from this blog.
    Would be nice if it could somehow continue for Saab. But there is not only a new partner, but also better management.
    I wish Saab the best of luck on its “Mission Impossible”!
    If there is no rock-solid solution by the end of next week - that is, all permits are actually available - that will be it. As long as no contract partner holds the bar. It would have to start production again somehow to be able to show everyone: Hey, Saab is still alive!

  • Mh, I ordered my Griffin on March 9th. Meanwhile, think about withdrawing from the contract. I don't need a new car without a guarantor.

    Has anyone canceled his order, or has withdrawn from the contract?

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