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Saab plant Trollhättan
Saab plant Trollhättan

Was the day good for Saab? Presumably, the day was mixed, because for five weeks, the manufacturer moves in a vacuum between fear and hope. Jan Nygren has spoken today. Nygren was with ex-MAN boss Hakan Samuelsson member of a Swedish bidder group, which Saab wanted to buy from GM.

Nygren is hoping for a happy ending for Saab, he says. But he also sees the air getting thinner and the longer the crisis lasts, the more questionable is Saab's future for him. He sees the role of Victor Muller, who spoke of a morning runny nose five weeks ago, critically. He thinks that Antonov is the only “serious one” in this constellation and is surprised that Saab didn't recognize the problems earlier. Nygren sees good reasons to question the behavior, because the Saab leadership must have seen these problems long before the crisis. There is little criticism of the government, which he wants to be more active.

The service provider Semcon pulls 60 of its engineers from Saab today. The engineers worked half in product development and the other in document development. Kjell Nilsson, Semco CEO, said it was “a sad mood” but Semco wasn't even the “Red Cross”. Since no payments were made for the services, the decision was made to withdraw the employees.

As well as Semcon, the DHL base in Trollhättan and other suppliers have now dismissed employees or withdrawn them from the factory.

From time to time we look at our Saab blog server where our visitors come from. We have many loyal readers from Austria and Switzerland who have actively supported our blog this week with donations - many thanks to all readers who pressed the donate button. But one thing is particularly noticeable. Our blog is read more than intensively on the server of a single German car manufacturer. So what's going on around Saab is being observed, interested in the Swedes?

What did this week bring? The situation has worsened again, Antonov is still standing in front of the factory gates with his millions, the EIB has not said anything up to this minute and Saab is bleeding out. We, the Saab community, know about the value of Saab, we have registered how great the interest in the brand is in Germany and no matter how bad things go sometimes - Saab is unique and will survive.

To everyone a nice weekend !