Saab classic: Saab 900 driving reports

The Saab 900 is the design icon of Sweden. For some, very traditionally oriented Saab fans, he is the Saab par excellence and everything that has left the band in Trollhättan after the 900 is no real Saab anymore. An only partially understandable attitude, which also justified the lousy of the brand, but the fascination of the old Saab 900 is already unique.

Motor Klassik Youngtimer Magazin has written several articles about the Saab 900, which are also worth reading for drivers of modern Saab.

Troll anger - the commitment to being different

The Saab 900 Turbo DeLuxe in the driving report. Saab is currently in a coma because GM wanted to brush the defiant brand against the grain. The Saab Swedes have always enriched the car world - such as the 900 Turbo, the right car for individualists, architects and artists - this is the cliché.

Nice is different, that could be the motto of the Saab 900 Turbo. Love at first sight, later. A Saab does not make it easy. Especially if you come from Mercedes, BMW or Audi and must engage the reverse gear before the ignition key can be deducted. Read on Classic engine…

Convertible Turbo everyday family classics

The Saab 900 Turbo Convertible recommends engine classic editor Michael Schröder as an ideal entry-level car: suitable for everyday use thanks to four seats and a large boot and with 175 PS sufficiently motorized, to find a real eye-catcher and not too often in traffic.

So it should be a family-friendly full convertible. A car that also copes with everyday life and does not overwhelm the household budget - which means that an open Rolls-Royce Corniche or a Ferrari Mondial Cabriolet is no longer an option. At around 12.000 euros, good examples of the Saab 900 Cabriolet are also significantly cheaper. Read the article on Classic engine…

Who wants to read more about the Saab 900, in the current issue of Motor Classic Youngtimer Magazine Find the report on the incredible barn find of a nearly brand new Saab 900.


Source and pictures: Engine classic