Saab News China: Press Conference with Victor Muller

Saab plant Trollhättan
Saab plant Trollhättan

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Saab board member Victor Muller is currently giving a press conference in Beijing. He talks about the new Saab partner Pang Da. “Nobody in the world has a comparable distribution network,” says Muller. “Saab will receive € 30 million immediately from Pang Da. The approval of the authorities is not required for this ”.

Negotiations with Pang Da only started last week "It was a busy weekend, we didn't sleep much but it was the last 6 weeks". Muller sees the partnership with Pang Da better than the one with Hawtai, thinks it would mean a huge boost for Saab.

Victror Muller has yet to name a time to start production again. The first Saab from Sweden are expected to arrive in China in autumn. When asked if this was Saab's last chance, Muller replied, "Everyone thought we were already dead, but it takes more than newspaper headlines to kill Saab."

Muller sees Saab in a position to start production again with the money of the new partner. He didn't want to tell the press what quantities he expected in China. "I learned my lesson," said Muller.


4 thoughts on "Saab News China: Press Conference with Victor Muller"

  • Yes, there will be a new car here soon ... and it should actually be a nice Saab again (the 5th then, although we haven't had a Saab dealer in the area for ages).

    But I'm slowly taking a look around the local dealers ... (according to the motto: “A Passat variant also has space”) ... 🙁

  • Saab, or Victor Muller is still looking for a car manufacturer as a partner. Muller is still in China, talks are still going on. I think that Muller is well aware of the long-term problem and here is something else.

  • I look similar. SAAB needs a (financially) strong partner and not just one who pays the supplier invoices for the next few weeks.
    For model development, model development or marketing, it requires more financial resources than the few million the VM has collected on his trips to China.
    As a passionate SAAB rider, I do not want to see the brand die, but the current back and forth and the lack of strategy behind it make you totally un optimistic.

  • Man, man, man…. Somehow it doesn't seem “professional” anymore ... to introduce a new “partner” every few days, with whom then apparently nothing works in the end…. ;-(

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