Saab News Gothenburg: Enormous opportunities for Saab

Saab plant Trollhättan
Saab plant Trollhättan

Gothenburg automotive analyst Matts Carlsson sees huge opportunities for Saab in connection with the Pang Da partnership. “This agreement gives Saab access to the Chinese dealer network. This opens up great opportunities for the company ”. Pang Da immediately transfers € 30 million and 30 days later, under certain conditions that are not publicly known, again 15 million.

“They buy a large number of cars that they immediately sell on the Chinese market. It is interesting to note that there are a large number of players on the Chinese side who are willing to invest money in Saab, ”said Matts Carlsson.

Is Pang Da the better partner? “The contracts are not comparable, Hawtai is a car manufacturer, but the search for an industrial partner is no longer on fire. With Pang Da, Saab is entering the Chinese market in a different way. Pang Da seems to be the better alternative for entry. ”

Matts Carlsson said that it is difficult to say when production can be restarted. He thinks the suppliers might insist on what he says “insurance”.

“Saab will have to have a large number of talks with the predominantly Swedish suppliers. Then you have to order the parts. It's hard to imagine that production will start again before June. ”

Another point is the cooperation in the production and development of a new brand for the People's Republic of China. "It is too early to make a forecast here, everything is open," says Matts Carlsson.

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