Saab 9-4x: Dagens Nyheter is testing the new Saab 9-4x

Saab 9-4x
Saab 9-4x

Representatives of the Swedish press were allowed to test drive the new 9-4x in the USA. Although the SUV will not come to Sweden until October, Saab needs a good press at home right now. To say it in the first place, Dagens Nyheter was thrilled with the new Saab and found only three serious criticisms, but later.

The size of over 4,80 meter is not visible to the newest member of the family and in the interior reminds with the design of the instruments allles to the Saab 9-5, Saab drivers will feel at home in the 9-4x. You sit very well in the front row, even with a size of 1.88 meters. The rear seats are also good only the middle space of the rear seat is not recommended. Because in the center console of the rear compartment has Saab ventilation and Muti Media accommodated, which robs the footwell the place. The doors of the 9-4x are a bit narrow and make access difficult.

The trunk is big enough with 480 liters, instead of the spare wheel there is additional storage space under the loading floor. The rear seat back is only foldable in two parts, the resulting cargo space on the ground is not exactly level.

Driving the Saab 9-4x Aero we tested is pure pleasure. There is no “rocking” like with other SUVs, the car steers directly but not hard. The all-wheel drive system from Haldex works perfectly with the 6-speed automatic. Full acceleration on unpaved roads - no wheel spins. Impressive.

Too bad that there is no diesel (criticism 1) because with about 240 g / CO2 on 100 KM, the Saab just consumed too much. Also a pity that there is no rear-view camera (criticism 2) because the shape of the mirror is not debatable (criticism 3), because the form was placed on the function.

Saab has built, according to Dagens Nyheter, a really great car which moves at eye level with Audi or BMW. Somewhat melancholy, one notes that the 9-4x was perhaps the last new Saab to test.

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  • The 5 meters would be okay, but you hardly notice it inside. At least at the front you sit very cramped and in my opinion the clarity and the use of space leave a lot to be desired. My 9-3 is much more “airy” and therefore clearer. Nevertheless, the 9-5 is a very nice car, just not very practical.

  • blank

    I would like that (although I generally reject SUVs for “moral / ecological” reasons and consider “here” superfluous for most people (we are not all hunters, foresters & Co.)).

    In the meantime I would almost prefer the 9-4x to a 9-5 Sportcombi, as I think that over 5m is simply too uncomfortable for a car in “inner-city” use.

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