Saab News Beijing: Interview with Saab CEO Victor Muller

Victor Muller
Victor Muller

When tidying up yesterday's press release, Victor Muller's interview with SVT Asian correspondent Niklas Sjörgen caught our eye. Sjörgen interviewed Muller yesterday after his press conference.

When asked about the reasons for the short relationship with Hawtai, Muller said, “I'm sorry. I was sad that the contract with Hatwai broke and Hatwai said it was for economic reasons. That is simply not true". The reasons are, according to Muller, the lack of approval from the Chinese government.

Hatwai had told the press in a first statement the poor economic condition of the plants in Trollhättan, but put it into perspective a little later.

The contract with Pang Da does not need the Chinese government's approval in the first stage, Muller said, only in stage two would approval be needed. Pang Da is paying € 5 million to Spyker 65 for which he will receive 24% of the shares in the Saab mother. This requires approval from both governments, the EIB and GM.

If the contract fails, Saab will have to repay any funds already received. But, according to Muller, that does not have to happen right away, you have six months to do that.

When asked by the reporter about starting production, Muller replied: "I think we can produce again within a week, but it can also take a little longer".

According to Muller, the contract with Pang Da is more far-reaching than the agreement with Hawtai and gives Saab more air because Hawtai first purchases 1.300 cars and pays in advance.

“We now have enough time to look for a third partner to build cars with us. Saab and Pang Da will choose the partner together, ”said Victor Muller.

So Saab is not yet at the end of the search and the management under Muller has realized that you need a strong industrial partner.

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Source: Niklas Sjörgen / SVT

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  • But I know about Apple ... 😉
    At that time and a little later I “learned” from such a box ... and am loyal to this day. 😉

    However, I do not quite believe that you can compare the two situations (ie Apple and Saab) so necessarily.

  • At first glance, Mr. Muller's actions do not seem so serious and many “experts” no longer give SAAB a chance. But maybe only a daredevil (and probably a bit of a player) like him can still achieve something. There are two hopeful examples of companies that were on the verge of bankruptcy and had already been written off in the press: Apple (hardly anyone knows that today) and Porsche. In any case, I still have well-founded hope. If SAAB manages that, the company will finally become a legend.

    PS. Why are there actually no SAAB shares to buy. I would risk something ...

  • one thing is already fact:

    the share price of pang da rose so sharply after the declaration of intent that the capital to be satisfied has already been more than reached.
    but you read about it in the press and nothing at all in the forums.

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