Saab News: EIB blames Saab for delay

In response to a request from the Swedish news agency TT, the EIB in Luxembourg has no direct explanation for the delay in processing Saab applications.

For weeks, the EIB has been seeking a real estate sale, an application for another 30 million from the EIB Development Loan, an application from Antonov to join Saab and a request from Gemini to convert a convertible bond into shares. An application from Pang Da will be added shortly. Forgot one - maybe?

The EIB believes that Saab is partly to blame because several amendments that require a “coordinated assessment” by the bank and other parties have come about during the ongoing process for short and medium-term financing. In its statement, the EIB signaled its readiness to pave the way for a new financier.

Alright? Unfortunately nothing moves in Luxembourg for weeks what could help Saab or suppliers. Antonov has EIB as a extrem inkompetente Bank translated. 🙁 Have a nice evening to all readers!


One thought on "Saab News: EIB blames Saab for delay"

  • The best thing Saab can do is get rid of the EIB Foot Cuffs as fast as it gets

    What this bank should develop is beyond me

    they only prevent developments

    the hell with that lazy Europe

    Robert Schumann would turn in the grave

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