Saab News Trollhättan: Victor Muller speaks to the staff

Victor Muller
Victor Muller

Update 13: 55

Victor Muller is back from the People's Republic and today speaks at 12: 30 at a staff meeting at the factory in Stallbacka.

So far, Saab employees have not received management information on how and when the plant will resume production. Production has been on hold for over 5 weeks and a backlog of Xabs ordered by 6000 has accumulated.

Victor Muller is currently very controversial in the Swedish press, especially since the Saab - Hawtai deal was withdrawn. Let's see what Muller has to say.

Update: Muller announced the contract with Pang Da and apologized for the events of recent weeks. At the same time he promised that such a thing would never happen again. As usual, the local press did not speak about the start of production.


One thought on "Saab News Trollhättan: Victor Muller speaks to the staff"

  • Sufficient other people have informed Saab that the production could start again next week, but it could take a little longer.

    The mood of the press is bad for business.

    saab can be happy to have a vm as ceo - please show me a comparable one who is fighting for the survival of a company.

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