Saab News Sweden: Yesterday (Saab) day in the press review

Yesterday it wasn't quiet around Saab either, in Sweden there were various reports and stories in the press. Jan Nygren, one of the investors who wanted to buy GM's Saab with a Swedish consortium, spoke up. Nygren grew up in Trollhättan and thus has a special connection to the region. Nygren says he hopes for Saab - but he has doubts.

The government should support Saab, because all Trollhättan depends on the workplaces in the car factory and the automotive research facilities in the city. Also, the university, Nygren belongs to the University Council, is in a dependency on Saab. He still sees great potential for the city and the manufacturer, but wishes active help from the administration.

He sees doubts about the person Victor Muller. “Without a doubt, Muller has done remarkable things. On the other hand, he is responsible for the current situation, the mistakes he made have caused great damage to Saab, ”said Nygren.

Hakan Scött, Chairman of IF Metal at Saab, trusts Victor Muller. He is relieved at the quick solution after the end of the Hawtai relationship. “It shows how great the interest in Saab is in China, I spoke to a handful of employees, everyone is optimistic and relieved. We have a strong belief in solving the problems at all times, ”says Scött zu Dagens Nyheter.

The employees of Saab are behind Muller. Yesterday, at the staff meeting, he was received with great applause, the loyalty that is also expressed in interviews with the local media is unique.

The suppliers' situation remains critical and they are very skeptical about the announcements. Plastal in Simrishamm, a supplier of bumpers, has recently terminated 50 production line production for Saab. Trollhättan Terminal AB, logistics specialist for Saab, also dismissed all 35 employees the day before yesterday. Svenake Berglie, president of the supplier sees a problem with the hiring of the dismissed employees, should the production run again. The Swedish labor market is booming and many have found new jobs.

Saab owner Spyker has raised new money by issuing new shares in the GEM Global Yield Fund. With a private placement of 1.000.000 shares comes about 3.5 million € in the cash. The GEM fund is very controversial and has a dubious reputation.

Minister of State Frederik Reinfeldt is following the situation near Saab from Brazil. He and his government have not been noticed as helpful in recent weeks, on the contrary. Maybe someone should tell Mr. Reinfeld that industrial jobs in the Swedish province, once gone, never come back. “In principle,” says Reinfeldt, “there is nothing we can do and we are extremely concerned about the development of jobs. If the government is asked to make decisions, we will do so quickly, but many actors will be involved in the decisions. He would like to remind that no company can survive without long-term financiers and owners and needs products that can be sold at a profit ”.

Antonov spokesman Carlström had attacked the government last week at an event in Trollhättan the government and accused of wanting to dispose of Saab. Especially Industry Minister Maud Olofsson has been hit hard.

Was that helpful? Antonov needs the government's benevolence and approval to be accepted as a Saab shareholder ...