Saab 900i in new condition - only in the motor press - now for sale

Saab 900i - in new condition
Saab 900i - in new condition

What do you do as a Saab lover when you get a Saab 900i? Also firsthand, driven by an elderly lady, with not even 25.000 kilometers on the counter. One cheers, at least internally, you won't give this piece of jewelry away - will you? In addition, if the car has a complete history, the purchase contract is there, the Saab was annually and therefore purely statistically every incredible 2000 kilometers during the inspection. The Saab is so good that the current Young Timer magazine has dedicated a 5-page report to the story and the proud owner.

Now this piece of jewelry is for sale on Hardly “prominently” already made money? So it seems the price is confident. The former proud owner wants € 10.000 for this. For a Saab 900i, in almost new condition, from first hand - but with the less attractive 1-speed automatic. Is there a lover for the piece of jewelry?

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  • Des has scho a G'schmäckle, as one says here in Swabia.

  • At the price, the “formerly proud owner” will probably benefit from the car for a longer time 🙂

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