Saab News Simrishamn: Plastal returns to Saab

Plastal plant Simrishamn
Plastal plant Simrishamn

Manufacturer Plastal, supplier of bumper systems for Saab automobiles, is ready to continue deliveries to the manufacturer. As the Plastal CEO Per Ewe-Wendel announced, deliveries can be resumed within a week. Plastal had announced a few days ago, due to the crisis at Saab, terminations for 50 employees.

Plastal vendor parts
Plastal vendor parts

Per Ewe-Wendel stressed that it is a short-term agreement for the next few weeks and you want to see that the long-term financing of the manufacturer is secured.

If Saab does not pay as agreed, the delivery will be stopped quickly.

Saab was told that the suppliers would receive a "guarantee" for the next 6 months. Good news, Plastal is an important supplier. Because a bumper is no longer a simple bar, but can be a front end, which can be delivered completely pre-assembled with other components for the Saab 9-5 and Saab 9-3. Saab is nearing "production readiness". Keep it up.


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  • Hopefully this is a signal for the other suppliers as well (especially when I read the message from Lear before). If the first dares to take cover ...

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