Saab News China: 10.000 Saab a year for China

Pang Da, the new Saab trading partner in China and possibly co-owner of the automaker, plans to sell 50 Saab through 10.000's sales outlets each year. This was announced today by a spokesman for the Swedish news agency TT Pang Da. Pang Da 30 has already transferred millions of euros to Saab ordering 1.300 cars in Trollhättan. In 30 days, order number 15 worth € million is probably coming, so Pang Da ordered about 2000 Saab.

The Saab 9-5 will probably make the numbers in China, because China is the market for large, representative limousines. The first Saab are due to arrive in China in September. Saab and Pang Da are currently looking for a third partner to build a car in China under a new “brand”.


3 thoughts on "Saab News China: 10.000 Saab a year for China"

  • These are buying prices for wholesalers and I guess that it will also reduce the still existing stock car, especially 9-3 before the handle-time.

  • Hello mac 9-5, These are estimated numbers of the Swedish press.

  • 30 Mio € by 1300 are about 23.000 €
    Hmmm ... do you get a Saab for that ???? 😉

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