Saab News Trollhättan: Lear closure planned long?

Car Seats Manufacturer Lear today quit his staff at the Trollhättan plant, we already have today reported about it in the morning, Johan Andersson, Lear's manager for Sweden, told the press that the termination and thus the closure is for long-term reasons and has been planned for some time. This has nothing to do with the current Saab negotiations, which the car seat specialist currently leads.

"We hope and wish Saab will start production again," said Andersson. Lear in Trollhättan manufactured 90% for Saab and is - explosively - the only supplier for seats at Saab. Andersson could not say whether the seats for Saab could be delivered from another factory and why the layoffs were carried out. "We had internal discussions for a while, including layoffs, but I don't want to say anything about that."

There is also no information about how far the current negotiations with Saab are. "The negotiations are ongoing, what remains to be seen."

For Saab and Trollhättan this is a heavy blow, which followed the local press without notice. Volvo also buys Lear seats, but has several suppliers and will not be in trouble due to the closure in Trollhättan. This is where the lack of risk management at Saab takes its toll, because what is a car without a seat? To what extent and how fast Lear can and wants to produce in another plant was not to be found out today.

Not far from Saab, south to Boras sits the seat specialist Elmo, who is likely to be known in the house of Saab. In the pre-GM period until the year 1998, Elmo delivered high quality leather seats for the Saab 9000.

High quality, exclusive and even better than the current product from Lear (which is recognized as good), plus a Swedish company. Maybe an idea for future partnerships?