Saab News Trollhättan: Supplier Lear releases 163 employee

Lear, Saab's supplier of car seats, fired all of its 163 employees at the Trollhättan site today. As Ulf Holmeby, a union representative at Lear's plant, said, 111 is involved in production and 52 employees in the administration. The reason for the liquidation of the site is the 7 Weekly Crisis at Saab. As recently as February, new employees were hired at Lear to prepare the site for the production of new seats for new Saab models. At that time the perspectives were judged with euphoria, today it looks worse.

The current situation at Saab has improved again, but Lear didn't want to wait any longer. Ulf Holmeby hopes, as he tells the press, that “Victor Muller did everything right this time with Pang Da”. He does not consider the terminations to be irrevocable. Lear's management has so far been unavailable for comment.

Not a good start to the day and no good news for Trollhättan. But Saab is in negotiations with the suppliers and prepares the production. Perhaps it will convince Lear of the Saab future and save the site near the plant. We keep our fingers crossed.


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    one can safely assume that this decision by lear was made before the agreement with pang da in the parent company and is not necessarily a direct reaction to current circumstances. the bigger the company, the slower the mills grind ...

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