Saab News Trollhättan: Union puts pressure

The WuAfter a lasting solution to the financial situation at Saab is very large among the staff. If Vladimir Antonov were finally approved as an investor, it would bring a lot of security and stability to Saab.

Because the banker and investor resident in London is ready weeks to bring up to 100 million € in a first round of financing, the automaker in orderly processes.

Hakon Scott, IF unionist at Saab, wants to finally see movement. "It would increase the pressure on the EIB if the Swedish government approved Antonov as an investor," Scott told the local press.

“The government wanted to wait for the debt management decision and then decide. When the debt management statement came in, the government turned around to wait for the EIB's decision. ” Hakan Scott finds this behavior strange.

"If the government came to an official decision, it would increase the pressure."

Among other things, the EIB has Antonov's entry and real estate sales on the table. Minister for Economic Affairs Maud Olofsson, Eric Bratt, considers this discussion and criticism to be inappropriate. “We think this is absolutely wrong. The EIB is an independent bank that is not committed to the government, ”said Bratt.

Eric Bratt explains that he thinks it does not matter in the decision-making process of what EIB or GM think so the administration has not made a decision yet.

Neither the union nor the government have any indication when to expect an EIB decision.

What's going on in Luxembourg?

For weeks, the Bank has been moving, a public European institution that should not promote and strengthen industry in Europe. This institution is committed to the common good, lives on taxpayers' money. The behavior and the statements from Luxembourg make it seem doubtful that the officials there are aware of this. The EIB loans are backed by the guarantee of the Kingdom of Sweden, which in turn has secured with Saab real estate and rights to spare parts supply at 100%.

Victor Muller was urged by the EIB's blockade on the unconventional actions of recent weeks to ensure short-term survival. With some good will from the EIB, the Hawtai Debakel Saab would have been spared, Antonov as an investor on board, the image would not be damaged, the production would run.


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