Spyker News: Spyker Annual General Meeting + Saab News

To the Spyker's Annual General Meeting today went to the 60 shareholders, one of which, Joop Jansen, came in the genuine Spyker C8 Spyder 007, a car he acquired from 2007 owned by Victor Muller.

He has had shares in Spyker for years and is proud of the company. “I think Saab was the right thing to buy, it will work, but it's a tough time now. We have to trust Victor Muller now ”, says Jansen and parks his C8 at the entrance, where the famous logo hangs in the aircraft propeller, right next to three brand new Saab 9-5s in the colors light gray, blue and black.

The shareholders' meeting takes place under exclusion of the press. Still, important news was coming out. The Saab production will start again next Friday, said Victor Muller. One plans a daily production in the start-up phase of 100 vehicles per day. Robert van den Oever, Dutch journalist, writer and friend of Victor Muller shared with the 27. May a delegation from Pang Da with President Pang Qinghua in Trollhättan is expected. Since it works well when the production is running again.

However, Saab needs € 90 million to start production, but has only received € 60 million and is waiting for the missing € 29,1 million from the EIB. "It bothers Muller a little that the funds from the EIB are not there yet, Muller says they are still waiting," continued van der Oever.

The journalist wrote a book on Spyker and knows Muller quite well. He also warns against the optimism of Victor Muller “He always describes the future in the most beautiful colors. It is a pattern that repeats itself over and over again. Victor Muller promises things that won't happen ”. We will see. The acid test for the promises of Victor Muller is May 27th.

Van den Oever continues about the annual general meeting “Although the plant in Sweden has been shut down for 7 weeks, 80-100 customers still order a new Saab every day. That is a tremendous vote of confidence in the brand. Before the crisis, the daily order intake was between 200 and 250 vehicles per day. ”That was the journalist van den Oever.

Jan-Maartin Slagte, Director of VEB, learned from Victor Muller that the search for a new Saab CEO is almost over and the appointment is imminent. Names have not been mentioned yet. The former Saab CEO Jan Åke Jonsson is said today with a dinner.

Is the production running on the 27? May, Victor Muller did it. If not, the embarrassment and image damage is huge.

The incoming order sounds positive. 200-250 cars a day before the crisis, without the new 9-5 Sportcombi and the new Saab 9-4x, without the new market in China. 60.000 - 70.000 cars per year should be feasible under stable conditions. Great.

Text: tom@saabblog.net