Saab Classic: No market for Saab 99?

Is the Saab 99 the wallflower of the classic scene? Or does it depend on the shape of the body? A very rare one Saab 99 combicoupe, which was for sale in Berlin, was very fast in the good hands of another Saab fan. Even more popular are combo magnifier with turbocharger, as now spotted in Denmark.

In contrast, the sedan form without turbocharging apparently not popular, for years, the prices are on the ground. Also very good specimens, which are offered under value, stand and stand.

Unfortunately, the 99 does not have the charm of a classic 900, so it is a milestone in Saab history and documents the rise of Saab in another vehicle class. Leading the design was Saab legend Sixten Sason, who dressed all automobiles from Trollhättan from Saab 92 to 99.

Actually, the few surviving Saab 99 deserve more attention from the scene. Because the Saab is robust, for his time a comfortable car and in expert hands, so with the right care, still suitable for everyday use. The entry is just in the sucker models for little money possible, the maintenance cheap, even good copies are sold below value.

On Ebay 1982 99 is in good condition, for 2.499 € after the owner 5.000,00 in value maintenance and repairs in the Saab center Paderborn invested. The originally desired price was considerably higher, on the 99 is still offered for over 5.000,00 €. The owner has a whole bunch of Saab 99 pictures published on his private homepage.

A rare Saab 99 copy of the first series is offered for 850,00 €, but we can only speculate about the condition.

Maybe the scene wakes up, discovers the 99 sedan, which also has its own charm and brings the little Swede out of his slumber. There are still specimens that are worth investing in. Let's get in before it's too late.


Images: Udo Bathe