Saab News Trollhättan: Saab - Pang Da rumors

Saab partnership with Pang Da
Saab partnership with Pang Da

A turbulent week for Saab is coming to an end. We drove a Saab 9-3 TTID for the week and were absolutely thrilled with the car. As the “Sueddeutsche” aptly stated this week, “Trollhättan still makes really good cars”. The very detailed test report on the 9-3 TTID with our opinion on it will be available to read next week. Other things are now in the press. Some Chinese publications have seen the pang da deal wobble since yesterday.

The background, Saab already has an importer for China. The agreement with CATC is in the way of the establishment of a join venture in accordance with the rules of the NDRC. However, Saab can terminate the agreement with CATC at the end of the year and would then be free for Pang Da. Pang Da works closely with NDRC on all decisions for the joint distribution company and future car production, said President Pang Qinghua

We should therefore first see the matter easily.

The President of Pang Da and his entourage are expected in Trollhättan on May 27th. It is an "inspection trip" because the Chinese have transferred the € 30 million to Sweden with the requirement to start production within a week.