Saabsunited: Saab fans for Vladimir Antonov

Saabsunited, the former site of Saab blogger legend Steven Wade, has launched a call to all Saab fans to support Vladimir Antonov. For weeks, Antonov's application has been with the EIB to become Saab Investor. The crew of Saabsunited are now gathering voices from around the world, which will be forwarded to the Swedish Prime Minister and ask the government finally to work for Saab and for Antonov.

In the current situation, it will only help if we exhaust every conceivable possibility to communicate our attitude to the government. If you think it's time to increase the pressure on European bureaucracy, you should support Saabsunited and cast your vote for Antonov.


2 thoughts on "Saabsunited: Saab fans for Vladimir Antonov"

  • Moin people,

    I am a Saab driver myself and I say that to all Saab drivers who want to drive the brand in the future, no matter how, should support and hope for the best for this great brand. I'll keep my fingers crossed for Saab in the future and hope for better and more golden times ...

    Best regards

  • I do not have enough information to support that. He is not a car driver. In order to survive in the long run, SAAB needs to have an investor with a lot of money, a long breath and experience and resources in the auto industry. With such a takeover, Volvo has reached the profit zone in a short time. In a report was that he has blocked the full takeover by a Chinese auto giant.

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