Saab 9-4x News: Positive press for the new Saab 9-4x

Saab 9-4x
Saab 9-4x

The press from Sweden, USA and England had the pleasure to test drive the Saab 9-4x, which also comes to Germany in autumn. The judgments were without exception very positive, some of the testers were even euphoric. The handling and smoothness were described as great, only the selection of the engine is the weak point of the new Saab.

Compared with the Cadillac SRX, both vehicles were developed together and come from the same factory, the Saab is perceived as the better car. This is surprising, because many components are the same. It was emphasized that Saab engineers were in charge of both projects.

The design of the 9-4x is perceived as “Scandinavian” with “clear lines” and an “unmistakable look”. An American tester even said that the Saab is the car that you turn around when it drives by. The quality of the interior is described by everyone as very good and as "German". An interesting statement, as the new Saab 9-5 was criticized for its interior quality when it appeared. The trunk is large, some testers criticize the limited legroom of the passengers on the back seat, while others are satisfied with it.

The testers on both sides of the Atlantic agree that driving is great. The driving behavior is on the level of a sports sedan, the Audi Q5 is classified as bland compared to the Saab. "Driving fun" is a factor that comes to mind with more and more Saab models. The Saab 9-3 TTID, which we were allowed to drive last week, was so well coordinated that the term "driving fun" spontaneously came up with us too.

The all-wheel drive was consistently pleasing, in every driving situation. Some testers spoke of the “X” factor for the 9-4x, that's how much the Saab liked. The point of criticism is the motorization. Above all, European testers miss the diesel, which in view of the short model life and the small number of units will probably not come either.

The noise in the interior while driving are described as very low and pleasant.

Something is coming up to us. A very good car and one wonders why GM has made only at the last minute these investments at Saab. Previously invested in unspeakable models such as the Cadillac BLS, the bill for this flop has to pay Saab, not GM.

Only 2000 Saab 9-4x come to Europe every year, that's pretty little. The bulk will go to Sweden and England, the main European markets. How much of it comes to Germany, we do not know. Converted to LPG, the 9-4x would also be acceptable from the environmental audit and worth considering.

Let's look forward to the debut of a new, great Saab in autumn!


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    The car I like from the pictures always better (even if the vehicle category is not for me). Hopefully you can visit the car soon in this country.

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