Saab News China: Pang Da in talks with the NDRC

Pang Da, Saab's new partner in China, has started discussions with the NDRC and other government agencies. Saab mother Spyker reported this today. Victor Muller, now CEO of Spyker and Saab said: “We are confident that Pang Da will get the permission from the authorities to finalize the deal. What we want to highlight: The order of Pang Da and payment of 30 million for new Saab vehicles is not affected by the discussions with the NDRC.

Pang Da CEO Pang Quinghua said: "The first discussions with NDRC have been in good spirits. We hope that we get the consent and look forward to the end of the week to visit Saab in Trollhättan.

Note on the edge:

At the Annual General Meeting Spyker decided to rename itself "Swedish Automobil NV" shortly.

Source: Saab Automobile AB


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  • Fingers crossed for Friday.

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    Drive since 1974 SAAB. I would be very happy if the SAAB production continues.

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