Saab News Maptun: Maptun tuning kit Saab 9-3 Griffin TTID4

Nothing is so good that you can't do it better - or faster. Maptun, a Swedish tuner with a long Saab tradition, offers a new performance upgrade kit for the Saab 9-3 Griffin TTID4 in the 160 PS version.

After the Maptun cure, the Saab Diesel has 210 PS and 450 NM torque, an increase of lush 90 NM. The increase in performance takes place via the well-known Maptuner. How the increase in performance affects the CO2 balance, the 9-3 TTID4 is classified as an environmental diesel with 119 g CO2 100 / km, so far we are not aware.

The price for the Leistungskur is about 920,00 €. A performance kit for the 130 PS version of the new Saab Diesel is also available at the same price with identical performance data.

In Germany you get the Maptun performance increase Gasparatos in Hamburg or JM TrollTec in Walldorf.