Saab News Stockholm: Maud Olofsson says yes to the meeting with Antonov

Maud Olofsson
Maud Olofsson

Swedish Industry Minister Maud Olofsson is ready to meet investor Vladimir Antonov.

The investment banker, who would like to invest in Saab, had asked in a letter for the meeting. Antonov, who wants to buy both the Saab real estate, as well as 29,9% wants to acquire the manufacturer, had met in the past to reservations.

Hakan Lindberg, head of press at the Ministry of Economic Affairs, said that Olofsson had no objection to a meeting and that a date would be agreed in the coming days. He added that he does not see any need for the meeting, as the actual process of Antonov's entry is not in Stockholm but in Luxembourg at the EIB.

Lars Carlstöm, Antonov spokesman in Sweden, thinks the meeting makes sense, as neither of them have met yet. He also sees signals to the suppliers that Saab is approaching a clear shareholder structure.

Carlström had attacked the Swedish government very hard in the past. In his opinion, in Stockholm too little is done for Saab and Antonov.

Saab fans on the Saabsunited blog collect signatures from around the world, with which one pronounces itself for an Antonov entrance with Saab. We have on Weekend reported, The signatures should be forwarded to Maud Olofsson.