Saab News Trollhättan: Maud Olofsson on Saab visit?

Saab City Trollhättan
Saab City Trollhättan

Is Maud Olofsson coming to Trollhättan on Thursday? The Swedish Minister for Industry received an invitation from Saab CEO Victor Muller today. A high-ranking delegation from China under Pang Da President Pang Qinghua will be in the city on Thursday and Friday. One would like to see what is most important - because it is contractually agreed - a production running on Friday. In addition, the visitors would like to find out about the “engineering competence” of the Swedes.

Saab / Spyker organized a dinner for Thursday to which representatives of the local political scene and the Swedish government are invited. "It would be a gesture by the Swedish government to show that they have good contacts with Saab and that there is a positive climate for the automotive industry in the country," said Saab CEO Muller. Government involvement would add credibility to the matter.

A meeting with the Pang Da delegation is planned for Thursday at three in the afternoon, and then dinner in the evening - on both dates one hopes for the presence of Maud Olofsson.

Paul Åkerlund, he is the mayor of Saab City, would like the minister to attend. “It would have great symbolic power. Participation would be a real gesture by the government and would show how important Saab is to Sweden. I hope in the government. "

When asked by the TT news agency, Håkan Lind, press spokesman at the ministry, said "it is difficult to be represented at ministerial level at short notice".

The government has done little for Saab so far. The participation of the minister would finally be a sign and would impress the delegation from China.