Saab News Stockholm: Pang Da meeting with Maud Olofsson

Maud Olofsson
Maud Olofsson

The meeting of Pang Da President Pang Quinghua with the Swedish Minister for Economic Affairs has ended. Saab CEO Victor Muller was very satisfied with the process and Maud Olofsson, otherwise rather reserved, seemed to be taken with the visit. "Pang Da talked about what opportunities you see to open up the Chinese market for Saab," the minister told the press.

“The company is a very interesting partner for Saab and can significantly increase Saab's sales,” said Olofsson.

The special interest was placed on further orders and the question of the extent to which the cooperation would increase production in Sweden in the long term. “I think it was good to hear what competencies Pang Da sees at Saab and what the future planning looks like.

Pang Da plans to build production in China as well as to continue manufacturing in Sweden. ” Now Saab has to get a grip on the financial situation. The government and the national debt administration will now examine whether Pang Da can become a partner in Saab. "The Reich debt administration is checking and that takes a little patience," said Olofsson. A little patience in this case means a few weeks of review.

After the meeting, a smiling and apparently satisfied Muller climbed into the waiting Saab. The next destination is the factory in Trollhättan.

Preparations for production are in full swing there. According to Gunnar Brunius, Saab's production manager, everything is on schedule and so far “jag ser inga orosmoln på himlen” - there are no storm clouds in the sky, he told TV4 West.

Production backlogs - or customer orders - are probably higher than expected. So far, there have been 5.000 cars worldwide plus 1.500 for China, and 5.000 orders have apparently been placed with the Swedish dealers alone. Better to sell more than not enough - right?