Saab News Switzerland: Price List Saab 9-4x available

Saab 9-4x Pricelist Switzerland
Saab 9-4x Pricelist Switzerland

The Swiss have it better. Always, because the Swiss Saab Page is updated exemplary by Saab in Switzerland. While Germany, the website is managed from Trollhättan, is lagging behind, there is the price list for the Saab 9-4x for Swiss customers. And - if you order now - you get a kind of “pre-order” discount of CHF 5.000.

The Saab 9-4x is the first Saab in years about which we have read only the very best in all press reports around the world. A "blind order", so to speak, could be worthwhile, especially since the European contingent is limited. The prices for the Super Saab start at CHF 61.500,00 and get quite a lot of Saab for the money. The Aero with 300 HP and bearded 400 NM torque for 72.500,00 CHF is already over-complete, the positions in the surcharge list are small. For the first time, we see different colored headliners on offer at Saab - that speaks for attention to detail.

A great Saab if you can live with the gasoline engine. The diesel will only come in the next generation, that seems certain. But - otherwise there would be nothing more to complain about Saab for the German motor press.