Test Saab 9-5 at Echo Online: Plenty of space, great diesel

Saab 9-5
Saab 9-5

For Sunday the right Saab reading, a Saab 9-5 test found at “Echo Online”. After all, what is a day when we are not allowed to read or talk about our favorite automotive topic at least once 🙂? Echo Online has tested the 190 PS diesel with 6-speed gearbox. An interesting engine that we haven't driven in 9-5:

Will Volvo also become the new home for Saab China? Currently it seems as if the former sports car manufacturer Spyker parked former GM daughter with capital from the Middle Kingdom in the last second but still gets the curve.

And as if the model 9-5, under the plate an Opel Insignia, the role as an ambulance is tailor-made. For in China, automobile five-meter ships now enjoy high esteem. And the new edition of the 9-5, 18 inches longer than the big Opel and longer than about a Mercedes E-Class, fits exactly into this Far Eastern booty scheme as an expression of prosperity. But even in this country, the flagship from Trollhättan enjoyed all negative headlines about the economic imbalance much attention during our test cycle. Wherever he drove, where he stood, this Saab, with which nothing is reminiscent of Opel, always met with increased interest. Handsome, modern, with a lot of charisma scores this appetite maker.

And the interest no longer comes, as it once did, from freethinkers, intellectuals or high school teachers.

Although there are some well-known switches and levers, under the sheet certainly a lot of the GM construction kit. But newly pegged together and garnished with enough Nordic genes. It's like the old concrete slogan: it depends on what you make of it. The fact that time and again the aircraft construction is cited, which once formed the roots of the car business, makes up the special charm. Nice features are the twitching pointer for the boost pressure, the starter button (instead of a key) on the center console, the relatively steep windshield like in a jet, the far forward roof or the flat side windows.
Not to mention the traditional night panel button, which darkens disturbing light sources during the night. Or the typical ventilation grille.

Workmanship and material appeal are good, but not always premium in detail. Even if there are foamed plastics, aluminum, leather. The 2810 Euro could become an expensive infotainment and navigation system. Because in the announcement, where it goes, uses the heavenly pilot of three different female voices. At least kiddie war is over. The instruments are sober-clear. The service is good. An electric parking brake is on board.
Behind the attractive but unclear façade, which requires parking assistance, the space available is princely, especially in the Fund. At 2,84 meter wheelbase no wonder. Also three adults can be comfortably seated there: This is suitable for chauffeur. Of course, one sits quite low. Front is a little narrower, but generous. And the leather seats are made for this long-distance sedan, also have good lateral support.

Saab 9-5 Headlight Ice Block Design
Saab 9-5 Headlight Ice Block Design

In the trunk fit for such a car rather below average 513 liter. But that is of course ample. Even if the high sill bothers you or the inside of the lid. There is a track-holding system for sliding around cargo, as is known from Audi. Reversible rear seat backrests provide the necessary flexibility. What fits then, Saab has not calculated. Under the load floor waiting for a spare wheel, not to be needed.

From the engine program of three gasoline and two diesels, we have chosen the most powerful diesel with 190 PS and a bearish maximum torque of 400 Nm. After a second of commemoration at the start, the well-cultured and discreetly grumbling diesel engine starts with a treat. Of course, a turbo lag wants to be overcome. Through 1800 tours, the diesel turns out to be an excellent long-distance skier with sprinter qualities. When overtaking, the elasticity is very pleasant. The combination with the six-speed gearbox fits. The gearshifts should be a bit shorter, but the way through the scenery is exactly. Over 2000 kilometers, including fast highway driving, we came to a consumption of 7,3 liters, which is a lot above the factory specification, but no reason for loud lamentation. Especially since the 70-liter tank guarantees good ranges according to the Nordic tradition. Because she does not have Opel, she does not have Saab either: the start-stop system.

Long-haul takes you under the wheels, because the 9-5 smoothly and quietly rolls and runs stoically straight. And because the suspension tuning usually emphasizes the comfort, without negatively influencing the quite sporty handling. What the 9-5 does not like are just cross joints of all kinds. Then it starts to rumble. The front-wheel drive is full on the road, masters even tricky situations without surprise effects. That's how you imagine a Saab. The ESP prefers to intervene earlier than late. Curves are hurried understeering slightly. The brakes do a good job, but should respond faster and more biting, if it applies.

We were satisfied with the feedback from the road into the handy leather steering wheel. But the steering resistance can be increased, the suspension comfort vary depending on the occasion, if the Adaptive Suspension "Drive Sense" is selected (just 1500 Euro), which we did not have on board. Even so, the car can be directed exactly. Overall, well-being and the feeling of security are quickly established.

The price is 38 euros. In the highest equipment level Aero made available to us, it is 900 euros. Then bi-xenon lights are standard, light and rain sensors, automatic air conditioning, a complete safety package and all the other conveniences that one can expect in this segment. Head-up displays and more are available as options. An excellent vehicle that currently only lacks confidence in how things will definitely continue with the manufacturer - and of course dealers close to home.

Source: Echo Online

Pictures: Saab Automobile AB

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    On Friday, the price list for the Saab 9-4x is only available as a PDF file from retailers, but at least prices.

    • Oh really?
      Great, so it moves !!!

      Put online… put online !!! 😉 😉

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      Hello Valentin,

      please email so we can put it online for the Saab community. Is that possible ? Thank you ! 🙂

  • Man, I'm slowly really curious about a “real” example of a station wagon at the dealer….

    I think 5m is “absolute madness” for the city today, but I would like to see, feel, drive and test the monster after the positive limousine reports.

    I'd also be interested in when you can finally configure the station wagon (or the 9-4x) online for information ...

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      Well, mac9-5,

      Unfortunately, you cannot (currently) configure the 9-4x or 9-5 station wagon on any Saab site in Europe. But Trollhättan was in “stand-by” mode the whole time. That will definitely change now.

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