Saab 9-5 ADAC TEST: Saab 9-5 TiD sedan

Opinions may be divided about the reports in the German automotive press about SAAB. Here is the opinion of the ADAC ->

Four-door notchback sedan upper middle class (118 kW / 160 PS)

He should initiate the liberation strike for Saab, the new Saab 9-5. In the year 2010 could not succeed, hardly more than the dealer approvals in Germany were too few.

Although the Swedish manufacturer offers a successful car that comes with technically-cool design outside the usual monotony and appeals to individualists. There is plenty of space in the interior and all sorts of comfort details in addition to the comfortable seats. Perhaps the restraint of the customers is due to the heavy-duty production chassis, which may not fit the sedan. Remedy: the optional electronic damper control.

Or the grumpy diesel engine, which would need more encapsulation. Remedy here: choose one of the turbo gasoline and not drive too much, because these are not among the most economical. Otherwise, there are technical amenities such as a head-up display and a lane departure warning. In sum, an interesting vehicle for those looking for a car outside the mainstream.

Body styles: Sedan and station wagon

competitors: Audi A6, BMW 5er, Jaguar XF, Mercedes E-Class

      • Verarbeitung2,4
      • Sicht2,8
      • Input / Ausstieg3,1
      • Luggage capacity * 2,2
      • Trunk Zugänglichkeit3,4
      • Trunk Variabilität2,7
      • Bedienung1,7
      • Front room * 2,0
      • Space at the back * 3,2
      • Interior Variabilität4,0
      • Federung3,3
      • Sitze1,5
      • Innengeräusch2,1
      • Klimatisierung2,6
      • Performance * 2,7
      • Laufkultur3,3
      • Schaltung3,0
      • Getriebeabstufung1,0
      • Fahrstabilität2,0
      • Kurvenverhalten2,0
      • Steering * 2,4
      • Bremse2,4
      • Active safety - assistance systems2,2
      • Passive safety - occupants 1,5
      • Kindersicherheit2,2
      • Fußgängerschutz3,3
      • Consumption / CO2 * 2,1
      • Schadstoffe1,6
      • Operating costs * 2,0
      • Workshop / tire costs * 2,4
      • Stability * 3,9
      • Cost of purchase * 3,0
      • Fixed costs * 3,1
      • Monthly total cost * 3,1

Our opinion on it -> The sports suspension is really hard, a little less hardness would be better. The diesel does not deny its ignition principle. It's really not mainstream, is it?


Source: ADAC

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    The Fahrwer is not too hard in my view. The diesel is rough, right.
    In my opinion, the car is based on best SAAB traditions.
    I would never trade for Audi and Co.

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