Saab News Sweden: registration numbers Sweden May 2011

Bil Sweden, umbrella organization of Swedish automakers and importers
Bil Sweden, umbrella organization of Swedish automakers and importers

Also in May, the number of registrations in the home market of Saab continued to increase. Sweden is booming, May is an incredible 82 year high for the car market, which is also reflected in the number of new registrations. In May 2011 30.853 cars were re-registered. This is a strong increase of 23,4% compared to the same month of the previous year.

Saab was only able to sell 290 cars in Sweden in May, a collapse of 58.6%. The Saab crisis and the loss of production over weeks makes itself felt. Many Swedes are waiting for the already ordered Saab. The numbers reflect the past and will look better in June as production starts to pick up again. Despite the crisis, Saab is still selling 2.916 cars with over 24% growth over the previous year.

Volvo added 45,6% to 5.299 cars sold. The leader is the V70 with 8.659 new registrations in 2011, followed by VW Golf with 5.821 and Passat with 5.754 registrations. VW consciously expands its involvement in Sweden, which the buyers reward. The new Passat is available in Sweden since a few weeks with a new E-85 Ethanol Turbo, which we should not get in Germany.

The 4-6 places are followed by Volvo V60, Volvo V50 and Volvo XC60. The best-selling Saab, the 9-3, is ranked 259 with 11 units. Of these, 118 Saab were equipped with diesel engines. The Saab 9-5 landed, unfortunately, only on place 60 with 31 new registrations.

The diesel share was 60,5% in May, and new vehicles classified as “environmental cars” were registered 39,3%.