Saab News Trollhättan: Pang Da also orders Saab for 15 million

The new Saab partner in China, Pang Da, has ordered another 630 Saab worth 15 million. The visit of the Pang Da delegation in Sweden with Pang Da CEO Pang Quinghua seems to have been successful. In addition to the already ordered new Saab worth 30 million, which will be delivered in the fall, order number two follows.

Pang Da will also pay this order within this week, the delivery to China is agreed by the end of the year. The Chinese are putting a lot of faith in the development of Saab, and some of the notorious Saab Nörgler here in the country should bring this up for thought.

Victor Muller is of course very pleased with this new order. “It shows that we have found the right partner in China, and it shows the potential that the Saab brand has in China. I look forward to further business development with Pang Da when we set up a joint distribution and later joint production with a still unknown partner in China.

Pang Da CEO Pang Quinhua added: “Our visit to Trollhättan last week reinforced the impression that we made the right decision to work with us, Spyker and Saab Automobile. The additional order is my confirmation that Saab has the right product range for the Chinese market and our large sales network will make an important contribution to developing the Saab potential in China. ”

Yes, Saab has a good run and the Chinese are making a tremendous contribution to Saab doing what Saab does best. Build really good cars.