Saab News: The Saab weekend at a glance took time off over the weekend. For good reason. More than 120 Saab-specific articles in May have left their mark on us. The blog should be a hobby and not a full-time job that demands more and more time and resources in addition to our professional activities in a responsible position.

At some point, the battery is empty and the family demands our attention. With an overview of the recent Saab events, we start the new week.

Chief Financial Officer, Number 1:

Hans Go, the Spyker CFO has thrown his job. Not because of the situation with Spyker, but because with the sale of the sports car department to Vladimir Antonov for Mr. Go, not much remains to be done at Spyker. The 30 million deal, however, is still underway, the money is still not on the Spyker accounts. Why, this is a mystery of Victor Muller and Vladimir Antonov, which we probably will not air.

Hans Go goes to the 1. July, but remains connected to the company in an advisory capacity until the end of the year.

Chief Financial Officer Number 2:

"We don't need two CFOs," said Victor Muller about Hans Go's departure. Maybe, but it would be good to have at least one. Saab is still looking for a suitable candidate. One of the most difficult jobs in the European auto industry, according to the Wall Street Journal. If the short-term problems are also over the table, Saab urgently needs a specialist for long-term financing.

Pang Qinghua, the "old Pang"
Pang Qinghua, the "old Pang"

Saab Partner Pang Da in China:

The super car dealer Pang Da continues to expand. As soon as the “old Pang”, which is meant respectfully, was back from Sweden, he got the next distribution contract on board. The new Ssangyong car brand is now being sold exclusively by Pang Da in the northern provinces. In addition to some Saab, a few thousand Ssangyong are now added to the 470.000 cars sold last year.

Successful Saab 9-4x:

On Friday we uploaded the price list for the new Saab 9-4x. Over 300 copies were downloaded within a few hours. This shows an enormous interest in the new Saab SUV, which not every dealer will get, by the way. Saab demands investment in marketing, workshop and training from its partners, only then will the 9-4x roll onto the farm. Saab dealer Stephan Automobile has already ordered five copies of the 9-4x, a good decision.

Saab 9-4x on the way:

In recent weeks, it was the GM plant in Mexico, where the world's only Saab ran off the line. A situation with some irony, the situation would not have been so serious. The first Saab 9-4x have left the factory in Mexico and are now on their way to the US where customers are eagerly waiting for the new Saab. For the American customers, the wait is over. 🙂

Europe comes only in the fall.