About, the readers and Saab dealers

Our blog is in German and therefore the range is naturally limited. In addition, is relatively young - but already had over 50.000 readers last month. Saab is, we have felt it clearly in the past few weeks, a special brand and the people who are interested in Saab too.

We notice this in the, without exception, positive reactions and emails and the pleasant tone. Let's take a look at the forums of other brands, especially so-called premium brands - then we find out that Saab has the customers that the marketing departments of other brands would like to have.

Is Saab a dying brand, as people like to claim? Probably more a born-again brand with a huge potential, even in Germany. Last week, Saab 300 9x price lists were downloaded in a few hours via 4. The demand for prices and delivery times for the new 9-5 SportCombi is also enormous. Lack of interest in Saab? Not with us.

What Saab lacks is an investor with a long-term interest in the brand. Do you remember BMW and the Quandt family? Without Herbert Quandt's long-term entrepreneurial mindset, BMW would be the cheap Mercedes brand today - or no longer exist. Saab needed a Herbert Quandt.

Let's take a look at the current luxury class on German motorways. 20 years ago there were still big Alfas, Lancias, some big Citroen, sometimes a Rover or a Saab 9000 and a big Volvo among the VW, BMW, Mercedes and Audis. Today the German premium monoculture rules. Big Alfa and Lancia no longer exist, Rover is history, Citroen, Volvo and Saab only sell big cars in very small quantities. Pure boredom. The time is right and the market is there for an alternative - which Saab could be.

What can we do for Saab?

Saab is a wallflower in the German auto press. When there is a report about Saab, the term “Opel” is guaranteed to appear in the first 50 words. Or there are short texts with Saab crises. Great cars are being built in Trollhättan, only too little and too little is reported about them objectively.

In order to deliver photo reports, we need the corresponding model, for driving reports we need the corresponding Saab. We are working on reporting more about the latest Saab.

So far, the cooperation with the Saab dealers is one of our open construction sites. After all, some merchants who visit our blog regularly have discovered and provide us with information. We rely on the collaboration and information flow with the dealers, as well as the dealers and Saab can benefit from our blog.

The work on the subject of Saab gives us much pleasure, especially when it comes not to crisis scenarios, but to cars from Trollhättan. Researching and translating texts from the Swedish and English costs a lot of time. Test drives and driving reports, in the future increasingly found here, also.

Many readers send us small donations for our work, for which we say thank you very much. We were particularly impressed by one of our loyal readers who donated his “monthly contribution” a few days ago. Just great.

We want to continue developing in the coming months. With more test reports and reports on the topic of Saab. With fewer articles about corporate crises - hopefully. The brand has the potential, we are convinced that only the right long-term investor is missing. The right customers would already be there.